World Health Day

Written by urgentcare

A call from April 7, 2020 concerns World Health Day and calls for supporting the workers who save and secure our lives.
This World Health Day is also dedicated to promoting health.
More than ever, health is one of the first riches to be preserved, because it is a subject that concerns everyone without distinction.

In this period of Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic traversed by our country and the whole world, the personnel of health and social care establishments, sanitary, medico-social, fight tirelessly to save lives at the risk of losing their own health and their own life.

The governments of the countries all over the world and of our country must put the challenges of health and social protection of the populations at the heart of essential priorities and be in total rupture with the austerity policies based on economic considerations which lead to catastrophic consequences on managing the pandemic with thousands of deaths worldwide.

At the front, faced with the disease since the start of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, health and social work personnel are risking their lives every day to save others.

Once this health crisis is over, the staff will once again mobilize in order to make the recognition of their profession, their salary, the improvement of their working condition and real actions prevail in order to guarantee security to the population, health and access to quality care. The government will also have to account for the dysfunctions linked to this crisis.

This crisis which absorbs us all intensely in an exhausting but indispensable race against time, where too many caregivers die to save lives at the risk of their own, as the security conditions are dilapidated. At the end of this crisis, it will be necessary to determine the responsibilities in the rationing policies of our health system which today costs lives to the patients as to the professionals. Each health crisis demonstrates the extraordinary dedication of doctors and paramedics, administrators and workers in health, medico-social and social establishments.

This epidemic is not the first that has appeared in the last twenty years, even if its magnitude is unparalleled. Globalization and deforestation have put us in contact with unknown pathogens and the current epidemic is only one of a long series to come: this national effort to restore our capacities to treat ourselves, and define another policy for health and welfare is not just a response to the coronavirus, it is also an investment for the future. It would be foolish to dodge it any longer.

April 7 is World Health Day: we invite everyone who supports us to make it clear that day they care about the Public Hospital and our Health and Welfare system that must have the human and material means to function!

All hospital staff and Health and Social Action establishments count on you, and you know that the reverse is no longer to be proven!

Celebrated each year, April 7 marks the anniversary of the creation of the World Health Organization (WHO), and offers an opportunity to mobilize action around a public health theme that concerns the whole world.

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