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We provide a comfortable, intimate, leisure and healthy environment for the people. The purpose of HealthMed Urgent Care is to work towards the betterment of the society and serve people in best possible way.


1257 S Broad St,
Wallingford, CT 06492

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About HealthMed Urgent Care

HealthMed Urgent Care in Wallingford aims to facilitate access to care for all. It offers the entire population quality medicine, in terms of care, prevention, and health education. In order to reinforce the quality of reception and confidentiality of patients, modernization works have been carried out.

The center aims to facilitate access to healthcare for all. It offers the entire population quality medicine, in terms of care, prevention, and health education. Composed of a medical and paramedical team, this health center promotes a multidisciplinary care offer allowing patients to access many health and medico-social services.

In addition to general medicine, HealthMed Urgent Care offers the possibility of consulting numerous specialists who work in very varied fields to best meet the needs of patients.

The HealthMed Urgent Care also organizes awareness-raising activities throughout the year (diabetes, melanoma, tobacco, oral cancer, AIDS, etc.) among the general public and students of educational establishments.

Our Doctors

Dr. Shahzad Zaki


Specialized and certified doctor, executive, self-driven, responsible and results-oriented doctor who have a logical and good insight. He better understand the public’s demand for health information and services.

Expert Doctors.
Professional Care.

The HealthMed Urgent Care is staffed by the highest quality medical equipment, specialists and skilled laboratory technicians. Also, if you find any illness, please be assured that we will make use of our strengths in this center and follow up with a specialized outpatient clinic.

We Take Walk-Ins!

For appointments or inquiries, you can visit our Health Center as we are always here to provide assistance to people in terms of your healthcare.

Our Healthcare Services.

HealthMed Urgent Care which is located in Wallingford was established in 2002. It is engaged in the Health Care Service of the Wallingford Community. “HealthMed Urgent Care” has new equipment, rigorous management, and excellent service quality.

Injuries and Illness

People often confuse about where to seek treatment for an injury or illness that requires emergency care but is not life-threatening (e.g. fever, infection, fracture, cut, and earache).

Digital X-rays

Digital X-ray technology, powerful systems utilize wireless, flexible, and thin PSPs. From compact chair-side solutions to central imaging systems, it offers user-friendly technology to deliver superior diagnostic digital images.

Wounds and First Aid

In the event of an accident or injury, it is important to have the necessary care equipment in order to be able to provide first aid before any help arrives.

Vaccination and Flu Shots

Millions of lives have been saved thanks to vaccination. Vaccination is an essential means of prevention against certain infectious diseases (tetanus, measles, whooping cough, meningitis, etc.).

Headache Treatment

We are specialized to aid in the treatment of migraines and tension headaches and other headaches.

Lab Services

You receive a personal opinion concerning the diagnosis. Our lab invests a lot in training its employees. As the complex environment of laboratory medicine has changed enormously over the past decade, we believe that training is essential.

Allergy Testing

When an allergy is suspected, a test can be done to identify or exclude a specific allergen. A distinction is made between skin tests, blood tests, and provocation tests.

Chat With An Expert. 

We can direct you to talk to an expert whenever you required any health-related information and ensure you timely and reliable information.

Why Choose Us


Experienced Doctors

We have skilled and qualified doctors who have years of experience in their respective fields. They make sure that patients go through a thorough examination and diagnosing process before starting treatment.


Short Wait Times

At HealthMed Urgent Care we facilitate the people in best possible way by keeping a short-time for making appointments, consultations etc.


Over 20 Years in Business

Being in healthcare industry we provide support for the health of the general public and make positive contribution towards disease prevention services and childcare services, as well as services that support people with multiple illnesses to improve quality of life.

No insurance?

No worries — We’ve got you covered.

At our healthcare center, you do not need insurance to afford healthcare services as we offer discounts and funds to make the services affordable for needy people.

Best Healthcare System Designed Only For You

Our healthcare specialty is a comprehensive technical specialty that integrates scientific research, teaching, and clinical studies. It is responsible for the city’s health care with the support of best and well-trained medical staff, including doctors, nursing staff, chief physicians, deputy chief physicians, attending physicians, and others. The medical staff of the department have many years of clinical or health work experience and have received rigorous training in their respective fields to serve the people in the best possible ways.


Yrs in Business

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to change or cancel my appointment, what should I do?

Please contact the reservation center.

Phone Number: 203-626-5393

(Reception hours: 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.)

I'd like to make an appointment last time.

Express delivery is also possible. If you do not arrive before the consultation, we will respond to your arrival on the day.

How many minutes before the reception time should I go?

Please come at the time you reserved. If you are late due to traffic conditions, please contact us.

How long is a medical examination required?

It depends on the course you have and the optional tests. Approximately 3 hours for a health checkup, 2 hours for a lifestyle-related disease checkup, and 1 hour for a general checkup. The time may be slightly different depending on the reservation situation on the day.

I caught a cold. Can I get a medical examination?

We recommend that you change the schedule, as it may affect the test results (increase in white blood cell count and CRP value) and may worsen your physical condition. Please feel free to contact us, including consultation on schedule changes.

Can children have a medical examination?

Medical examinations are available from elementary school students and above. The same is true for medical examinations for elementary school admission. However, there are cases where caution is required in the inspection or there may be restrictions, so please consult us in advance.

I made an appointment, but I forgot the date and time of the medical examination.

Please contact the reservation center.

Phone Number: 203-626-5393

(Reception hours: 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.)

I have a physical disability. Can I see a doctor?

Please feel free to contact us.

We may ask you about your physical condition as there may be restrictions or cautions on the examination.

Walk-in Appointments Available Daily

If you have any question or concern, don’t worry, please feel free to consult 24/7.

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